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Several Types Of Classification For Organic Food Suppliers

There are two categories of organic food suppliers: local businesses such as small family farms, and larger producers that grow crops for export too. Small farms have the support of local communities and regional governments and they usually provide the necessary items for the neighborhood. These organic food suppliers are both producers and sellers at the same time. Eggs, dairy products, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables are the most commonly available items. Yet, if you need more exotic items that are not available in the neighborhood, you need to turn to larger organic food suppliers.

The truth is that the very concept of organic food suppliers is a bit ambiguous and it can be understood in different ways depending on the context. Thus, both producers and intermediaries are organic food suppliers, according to whom they sell their products to. For instance, hypermarkets usually buy from large companies and organic food suppliers that in their turn import the products or collect them from individual farms. Only very large organic businesses get to supply food chains directly.

The business size is another criterion of classifying organic food suppliers. Consequently, we can identify organic food suppliers that operate in small shops usually belonging to a family who runs the organic farm too, medium-sized retailers and wholesalers. Businesses that intermediate for a limited amount of products usually get in the mid category; yet, wholesalers actually dominate the market. They come with the lowest prices, the most advantageous purchase terms on the market, on the only condition that you buy in large quantities. You cannot order a dozen of organic eggs from such stores, but a few hundred, and this is just an example.

The pricing policy and the business relationships between the organic food suppliers have a direct influence on the buyers, either in terms of quality or of costs. It is one thing to buy organic tomatoes brought from a nearby farm and a totally different thing to get organic tomatoes that have traveled a few hundred miles before getting on your table. This is in fact the problem with the online organic food suppliers, because, when it comes to delivery, they are limited to a certain predetermined geographic area. If you have the possibility to buy something local, enjoy the opportunity!

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